German Chocolate Cake With Milk Chocolate Ganache

środa, 12 lutego 2014

German Chocolate Cake With Milk Chocolate Ganache

Time: 2 hrs 20 mins


  • 1 (18 1/4 ounce) box German chocolate cake mix (I use Betty Crocker)
  • 1 1/3 cups water
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs


  • 1 Prepare cake according to package directions.Pour into a decorative Bundt pan, and bake according to package directions.
  • 2 Remove cake from oven, cool in pan 10 minutes, remove cake frompan and cool on wire rack completely.Place cake on serving plate.
  • 3 Pour heavy whipping cream into heavy sauce pan. Cook, over medium heat, stir occasionally, so not to scorch. Cook just until cream begins to boil.Remove from heat.
  • 4 Add chocolate chips to whipping cream, stir constantly until chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Stir in vanilla extract.
  • 5 Pour chocolate into a bowl. Place in refrigerator, stir every 10 minutes, for 1-2 hours ( It seems to be different for me everytime), until chocolate is amost spreading consistency, but will still drip from sides of cake.
  • 6 Spread ganache over entire cake, be generous.
  • 7 With a potato peeler, shave chocolate bar over cake, making chocolate shavings, fall over frosted cake. Do as many as you like.

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